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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
your such a nice gf soon to be fiance doesn't know how to drive manual so I'm stuck driving she's not the greatest of drivers well she's not that bad but sometimes she loses focus, so no driving the M for her this thing is going to be powerful & she needs to be on her "A" game at all times...
Haha 335 lurker here...speaking of fiances, when I got my car in Dec. after a month she said she couldn't believe I never asked her if she wanted to drive my car, but it's ok. After about 6 mos. with the car I asked her if she wanted to drive, and she said NO! She said just the fact that I asked her was good enough. Women!! When I first let her drive my other car which is a 5-spd Japanese, I watched her left foot while at a stoplight....didn't press on it and left it in neutral...bonus!