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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
To be honest I think even bmw would "like" to do that but it is way more costly to even consider that. Having to make a purely dedicated m3 engine. Couldn't be shared with the 1M or x3m because people would complain. THe m5 would be turbo as it is, and that leaves a ton of R and D for one car. Atleast with the S65, it used 95 percent of the R and D from the s85 which went into 2 cars. So that basic S85/65 platform got 3 M cars worth of use over it over 10 years.

I think the best option and least costly to please everyone would be to offer to engine choices in an m3 just like they do in a 328 v. 335. One turbo inline 6 and one upgraded version of an S65. I know that would never happen but too bad.

Its sad to think in a few years you will never be able to get a high revving bmw engine again. Ferrari and lambo probably are not far behind and eventually no more high revving. That is why keeping the m3 for me is an absolute must and it will never leave my stable. How nice it feels after driving turbo cars to jump in and feel and hear the 8400 rpm v8.
I think Ferrari and other exotics will always have high-revving because their customers are not looking for a lazy daily driver.

As far as ///M3 having different engines, I think it would work, and they could use the S65 from the GTS and make it like Porsche does with their 911s and Turbo (GT2 & GT3).


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