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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Rereading your post, I think I misinterpreted what you meant by a "lazy" engine.

And just to clarify, "people like me" aren't why BMW is going FI. I happen to like the S65 exactly the way it is and wouldn't change it. I have always said the S65 had lots of torque and for the way this car was designed to be used is an amazing engine. I also happen to like having a lot of torque available all of the time (even when not pushing the car hard) but that doesn't mean I think BMW should change the M3's focus. If you want to blame someone for BMW's FI direction, blame the US and Canadian governments and those who influence the cost of oil.
My bad dude, came off too aggressive......just tired of people (not you) who want what a 335i is great for, but need the ///M symbol on the back. Instead of leaving the ///M line as a more focused line and a more difficult line to drive (i.e. higher revving engines, etc.) they have just made it so anyone who wants to just slam the gas and go can buy it.

For the ///M5, I think FI makes PERFECT SENSE. In fact, lets be honest, the e60 was a huge divergence from previous ///M5s in that it was so high-strung. The current one is like the EPIC e39 in that it can be driven fast and well on a track, but still act as a VERY comfortable executive sedan that doesn't have to scream to move, which is important when using it for work/business.

I hear ya points though.......I do here them. Just wish they would leave the ///M3 and all future smaller ///Ms (1 & 2 series and perhaps future revival of the ///M-coup) as higher strung, more challenging cars.


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