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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
So our cars put more torque to the wheels than a vette but you want a car with MORE torque.

I just wish guys would be accurate in their descriptions of what they want: what you are looking for a is a lazier engine that will FEEL faster and take less effort to drive fast.

Engines with more torque are not necessarily "lazier" and they don't just "feel" faster. Those are fanboy comments.

Large displacement engines allow you to have immediate torque available everywhere in the RPM range and don't rely on gearing as much to get torque to the wheels. More torque available more of the time which is what some people like. I get the gearing discussion (and I'm not one of those guys who says the M3 doesn't have enough torque) but after owning a car with gobs of torque and also the M3, there is a REAL difference 90% of the time in regular driving situations. If you don't believe it you haven't experienced it or have blinders on. Also, using the C63 as an example, the biggest issue at the track is managing the torque and not breaking traction all of the time (this is with wider tires than stock)... that was NOT the case in the M3 unless I was in first gear. This was actually a plus for the M3 at the track IMO... it was easier to get the power down (maybe the M3 driver wants a "lazier" car at the track ).

So, you can say you like the way the M3 delivers its torque and that's fine. Other cars do, in fact, have more torque available to the wheels MORE of the time (maybe not all of the time). That doesn't mean that in certain circumstances (speed and gear) that the M3 isn't similar/more torque to the wheels but there is less of that time "available" to a driver outside of a track environment unless you are racing all of the time. No one who has owned an M3 and then a larger displacement car (C63, Z06, etc) would call the M3 a torque monster because it isn't.
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