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I am surprised #2, Paul 'beach hut' got 0 votes. Wish I would have seen this sooner. I think it shows an excellent play of shades, with great contrast shown with shadows and naturally lighted areas, and has excellent composition. It does not look like a 'snap shot' and stands out amongst the crowd. It might even be the case, that this photo could be uninteresting in color, and isn't that the beauty of black and white, to highlight that which our usual senses might skip over, and stir emotion from just looking at the photo?

My second would be #9, 'burn out' for again whats an interesting photo that looks beautiful in black and white, and appears to be composed and shot for B&W vs a color image simply converted to grayscale.

Used to shoot with my dad's 70's fully manual Russian Zenit with black and white film (still have this camera and it still works!), and taking a great B&W image is extremely difficult and rare. Congrats to all for some amazing B&W photos in this poll, not one of them is less than beautiful... Just these 2 stood out to me the most.