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The thread has since been deleted...hmmmmm.

The thread was for the non-CF version of the Arkym front bumper. It was listed as PROMO price for members

Being local, I asked him to PM me a price for local pickup, thinking I can save a few bucks on shipping. I get a PM quote for $1450 shipped. I'm told no local pickup because item will be drop-shipped. OK, acceptable answer (at the time).

Fast forward, another forum member asks if the PROMO price is the same as the price on their website ($1300). I respond "same price".
Sean sees my post and replies with a response. Calling me out on BS? That's how I took it.
So I responded, "your website lists a price of $1300. You PM'ed me a quote of $1450 shipped, so I assume $150 for freight"
Above-mentioned forum member says he got quoted from Sean $1300 shipped...and he's out of state!

Where is the disconnect here? I'm local, offer to pick up, but am told I have to pay for shipping. But an out of state member who requires shipping gets quoted a lower amount? This is when the thread got deleted. You draw your own conclusion. I've already drawn mine

Edit: Looks like he deleted the original thread and created a new one *SMH* :

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