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Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post
Armed robbery by 2 masked men . gave them the money 86 bucks and right when they turned around to run away I grabbed my 9mm and took one shot. They both ran off and I called the police. The detectives were really disappointed that there wasn't a body in the parking lot. Well about a half hour later the found a guy at the hospital with a gun shot wound in his right shoulder. case closed. I was out 86 bucks and my 9mm is still being held as evidence. Every gun owner tells me next time shoot to kill.
That's sort of insane. I'd be pretty upset if I got robbed, but I wouldn't shoot people as they are running away from that point, what threat are they posing? I'd be too afraid I'd get locked up for using unreasonable force at that point. Not that I think they should just get away with it right answer maybe. I suppose you were held at gunpoint or knife at the time? So if so, you wouldn't have been able to pull, could understand that.

If you had killed one of them as they ran away though (shot them in the back so to speak) are you seriously telling me Florida wouldn't lock you up for that? Seems crazy.