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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Some nice cars, but what was the teaser for exactly - is the video going to be about the autobahn? Maybe because haven't seen anything before from you?
Well there is a description in the videos, and not sure how you haven't seen anything from me before lol been doing automotive videos for 10+ years. Maybe living under a rock? Feel free to browse my

But for those who don't know, I cover automotive events usually Euro + Exotic, also drift events, cross country rallies, car profiles features, builds, shop videos, etc.

It's obviously not about the Road the "Autobahn" which translates to highway or motorway in English. The idea for coming up with the title "Autobahn" more so comes from what you think of when you hear "Autobahn" you think German, Cars, Speed, excitement which is consistant of my videos and this DVD.

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