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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
Its hilarious to see the Outrageous Outrage on both sides take part in and then cry a small river about how "divisive" politics are or how partisan people have become as if the country is worse off than it has ever been. Some of you have zero sense of perspective or history for that matter.

More than 200 years ago we had a sitting Vice President (Burr) duel another politician (Hamilton) over words stated in public. Hamilton died FYI.

We've had a President run for office against his own Vice President in Jefferson and Adams. That race was so bad Jefferson said of Adams; he has a "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman"

Which led Adams to respond that Jefferson was "a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father."

Politics of today are mild in respect. Churlish political behavior didn't start at the birth of the internet, even if that's all you know right now.
I can agree that politics were more edgy at a time, however, at that time you would need to dig deep to be learn of it. Today, while it may be mild in comparison, the propaganda is at your fingertrips and spreads like cancer in part due to the selfish and wreckless behavior of the media and mostly due to people taking opinion as fact.

At least your example provided facts that were not selfishly skewed to fit are pre-determined narrative in trade for money or favors.