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I had been looking locally, but nothing matched what I was looking for. I opened up the search a bit ~1000 miles. Seven hundred miles away I found EXACTLY what I was looking for - a 6MT low mileage (4000 miles) Alpine White E90 M3, with all of the goodies, including extended Fox leather.

I called the guy selling it, and asked him some questions about the car and other BMWs. He answered me with obvious knowledge of these cars. It turned out that he is a private dealer who deals in only higher-end sports cars (M3, GTR, 911, etc.). He gave me the entire history of the car, and I confirmed what he was saying with CarFax. I also had a friend in the auto dealer business run the VIN to check the story even more.

The car had gone to auction when the original owner was bought out by BMW. When he pressed the M button, the car went into limp mode, instead of beast mode. BMW changed the ECU, but the owner made such a stink that they gave him a new car. I knew the pain of the owner, since I had a 335i with HPFP issues that put my car in the shop for a month.

After some negotiations on the phone, we came to an agreement. I was going to buy this car for $52k, which was $15k less than sticker, and it was only 5 months old. My wife and I flew up to Atlanta, from South Florida. Waiting outside the terminal was the dealer in my future car. Love at first site.

We took turns driving our new car home, and we have not looked back since. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and would do it again. Just remember to check the car out thoroughly before making that commitment. I hope you have the same results as I had!