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Originally Posted by sd67 View Post
I apologize if this has been addressed before (actually, I'm sure it has), but I am having trouble finding an answer in a search. I am considering the Akrapovic Evolution and an Evolve or ESS tune on my 2012 E92. In researching this exhaust I saw references to BMW detecting the tune if rev or speed limits were changed, etc. My question is: why should I care if BMW detects a tune when I get my car serviced? I mean, it's my car (bought and paid for, no lease). I should be able to do what I want with it, yes? Is it simply a warranty issue? If so, what aspect of the warranty could be affected by a tune? Is it enough of an issue that I should instead consider the OEM performance exhaust, which I am considering as well?

I am likewise considering a supercharger. I assume this poses similar warranty issues, perhaps with respect to the transmission?

Appreciate any input. Thanks.
Of course it is your car (property), and you can do whatever you like with it.

The issue with mods is the warranty implications. If you don't care about the factory warranty, then go all out.

Regarding a tune, it could conceivably have warranty ramifications on everything from the engine to the transmission (e.g. DCT software). That said, unless you have the telltale signs like a raised rev limiter, it is my understanding that a tune will not be detected on a routine service or repair. Also consider that most tunes these days come with a personal tuner, so reverting to the stock file is simple. (Velos Designwerks tune, for example.)

Catback exhausts are generally considered warranty friendly. Many members have the Evolution full exhaust and I don't know of any warranty issues there either.

Regarding a supercharger -- ah, transmission, and certainly the engine.. Don't plan on having much of anything engine related covered with a blower.
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