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BMW Detecting Tune

I apologize if this has been addressed before (actually, I'm sure it has), but I am having trouble finding an answer in a search. I am considering the Akrapovic Evolution and an Evolve or ESS tune on my 2012 E92. In researching this exhaust I saw references to BMW detecting the tune if rev or speed limits were changed, etc. My question is: why should I care if BMW detects a tune when I get my car serviced? I mean, it's my car (bought and paid for, no lease). I should be able to do what I want with it, yes? Is it simply a warranty issue? If so, what aspect of the warranty could be affected by a tune? Is it enough of an issue that I should instead consider the OEM performance exhaust, which I am considering as well?

I am likewise considering a supercharger. I assume this poses similar warranty issues, perhaps with respect to the transmission?

Appreciate any input. Thanks.