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The only advice I can offer you is not to take your wheels to Spec Wheels. They used to be really good, but now their work is not very good and their attitude is awful.
About the service experience. It seems to me that you don't know for sure if the dealership damaged your wheel or not. You said yourself that you didn't even notice it until you were washing your car. I don't know if you have lived in Colorado Springs very long, but the roads here are so bad that I damaged 3 of the wheels on my M3 in 2,000 miles when I had it. I don't know if they damaged your wheels or not, but I do think it's in bad taste to blame someone else when you aren't sure if they did it or not. In the end only you can make that decision. Just thought I'd chime in and tell you not to take your wheels to Spec wheels. The rest of my post is just opinion.