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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
Uh no, they have almost all been with BMWCCA. I think most people that give this response either drastically underestimate the risk, or are running at hugely safer tracks with no armco/trees for miles and tons of runoff. At BMWCCA Ofest 2 years ago at Road America, I recall at least 2-3 cars with very significant damage, including an almost brand new M3. Granted, quite a few of the incidents I recall happened at Road America, which has the rep of being a somewhat more dangerous track, but I've seen incidents at virtually all the local tracks I've run at.

I also mention that it's not uncommon that we have to run events on wet tracks, which as I said, seems to dramatically increase risk of incident. I notice you are in CA, perhaps this is a far rarer occurence for you (wet track), which could partically account for the differences we are seeing.
I think one significant wreck per weekend is average for what I've experienced with NASA, BMWCCA, Chin, PCA, Trackdaze, Mercedes, Audi, SVT, PBOC (80-90 or so track days)