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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
If you like having money in your wallet and being able to sleep at night don't do it. You will become a depraved addict in 30 minutes and will be done for for life. You will contemplate tire, brake, suspension setups while your supposed to be working, sleeping, or lsitening to your wife. Its like crack. The track is full of the worst junkies. You soon won't care about the cosmetic appeal of your car and will laugh off rock chips and hot rubber marks everywhere. You will start thinking about how much use you could get out of the car without any interior and if your wife will notice. Your garage will turn into a parts warehouse for tires and brakes. You will get up at 2 in the morning because it seemed like a good time to rotate your track tires and bleed the brakes. Beware.
Hell, I think I stopped buying new clothes and just wear track shirts when I got hooked. I stopped caring about my cosmetic appeal!