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Originally Posted by TheDeliverator View Post

Received my production number last night from David Aviles at Northwest BMW. I initially contacted him back in June, but hadn't received a production number when BMW shut down ED orders a week or so back. I was stressed, but kept faith in Dave and he came through.

I didn't ask him if he had to give up a Dealer Allocation, no doubt he's been extra busy w/ customers of other dealers contacting him for allocations. I am grateful for whatever work he put in to keep my order alive. Efforts like this earn customer loyalty.
I have to respectfully fully disagree with you. you see, I contacted David Aviles in April 2011 to order an individual M3. Actually I had contacted him a few years before in 2009 to order a Dakkar yellow individual paint M3. In 2009 bmw refused to sell me that color and I thought i would try again a few years later. This time however David told me on April 30th :"I heard from Individual tis morning. They confirmed I will be able to order Dakar Yellow for you. "

After discussing all the options we came to a full agreement on price and on May 21st I told David : "David you can go ahead and place my order. "

On May 22 he replied : " I'll send you the deposit authorization tomorrow and begin the order process!"

On June 15th he wrote: "Your BMW is in the order system for August production. Let me know if you have any questions. I will update you with your production number in mid to late July."

June 19th he wrote: "BMW Individual is aware that an M3 is to be ordered under your name but we just need your delivery date."

on June 22th I replied: "I am thinking about August 27th delivery or 31st."
One month had past and he had not yet send me the deposit authorization he talked about but since he had told me the order was in the system I thought I was safe. Still to be sure I wrote :"David, I want the price we have agreed on to be contractual. This is my first time doing european delivery online so I want no surprise."

Then strangely I had no reply from him for 1 week but I was not worried and started to look at Lufhansa to book the flight. Then suddenly he send an email that prices had changed on the individual interior. That shocked me and I asked him to honnor the price we had already agreed on but he refused.

On july 7th he wrote: "Your order was in the system, but a production number was not assigned. I was waiting for confirmation from BMW about pricing, because manufacturer pricing is subject to change (especially going into a new model year). "

I then decided to shake off this bad surprise and nevertheless go without the individual interior and asked him to move forward with the order. But he came back with more expenses :

"Since we last emailed and you disagreed with the pricing for the Individual leather, I have sold out of M3's. If I am able to secure another allocation for you, the following pricing will apply to your order unless you have changed any options". That day he added another $650 (not counting the individual interior) to the total cost we had already agreed on in May bringing the total price to $x,xxx over ED invoice. That was July 7th.

All along i tried to swallow my disappointment with him and simply get my car ordered. Now he was giving lame excuses like : "I am simply following protocol with respect to pricing set by the dealership when supply does not meet demand. You may have noticed a shift in pricing policies at a couple other dealers as well."

Or: "The dealership, like many others, decided to change their European Delivery pricing policy to adapt to the sudden change in allocation. I made you aware of this and you disagreed with the updated total for your configuration."

I told him that he had written on June 15 that my order was in the system for august production and he was changing prices on me now, almost a month later.

This guy really screwed me up. I am disgruntled at the whole experience and I really regret that i tried to do business with him.
I do feel prejudiced and at this point he has not accepted to honor the order we had agreed on.

I would not recommend David Aviles to anyone who is interested in doing an online order.

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