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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
With the insurance, you're looking at an expensive day. For example, the track day that I attended was $350 through BMWCCA. Add the cost of insurance, ~$400, plus cost of gas getting there + expended racing, factor in wear and tear on at least the tires, and you're realistically looking at $1000 to spend a Saturday driving like a loon. Unless you're filthy rich - and I get that some of you are - it's hard to legitmize this level of expense on, e.g., a monthly habit as unproductive as this one (haha).
1) Plenty of track days from $100-150 (in SoCal)
2) If you go regularly, you can buy multi-event packages and save significantly (e.g., Lockton with $65k declared value is $418 for one event but $241 if you do 15).

It's still not cheap (and wear and tear definitely adds up...), but seems hard to legitimize buying an M3 only to putz around on the street
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