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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
The main things I can think possibly accounting for these differences are either "safer" tracks (more runoff, so you can go off and not hit anything), better weather, or maybe the SoCal people just get out to the track more, vs us upper midwest folks have the regular winter/early spring/late fall gaps of bad weather.
While it is a combination of all three, the biggest answer is safer tracks. Go look up a video for Chuckwalla. Or Buttonwillow. It is not impossible to wreck (there are still walls on the start/finish straight and you can flip if you go off sideways), but it is very rare. SoCal is blessed with tracks out in the desert with a lot of runoff.

Even the tracks that I consider more dangerous here are still more safe (relatively) than many tracks around the country. It tends to be the older tracks as well that are less safe. But even NorCal has it's share of tracks that I would be hesitant to track at without insurance (such as Infineon) due to the sheer number of walls.

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Thank you all for the input gentlemen...Which track in SoCal is the safest(has the most run offs)
Chuckwalla, followed by Buttonwillow.
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