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css, you obviously can't handle having a debate or discussing viewpoints with people, so I don't know why you keep starting threads and posting. Anyone who doesn't agree with you, or points out that your facts are wrong, is degraded as an idiot asshole by you. Grow up and knock it off.

This is at least the 3rd thread wherein you're distorting the same Obama speech, which has been clarified ad-nauseum already. You're not capable of printing a transcript without adding your own bold text where you think you're fooling everyone. Well you're not. We're not ignorant little children, we see through your bullshit.

I've invited you several times to actually show me where all of my supposed "lies and half-truths" are, but instead you just make juvenile farting sounds.

Do you know why Scott Brown's ad intentionally omitted the sentence prior to "you didn't build that"? Because that's the only way the deception works. But even without the deception, you still don't get it. There's no hope for you, go start a blog that we can all ignore.