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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
i think the number of incidents depends on the track. bmwcca is well run but at PR anyway if you go off there is a good chance there will be damage. ive watched a lot of these other track videos and im amazed at the margin for error you have. people go off with just as much regularity at your events as any other its just they drive thru the grass and get back on rather than hit an embankment, jersey barrier, or other structure.
I'm not sure why there is such a difference in reported incidents, but I'm glad at least one person here is echoing my sentiments. I'm not mentioning this to try to scare anyone off, but new drivers should be realistic about the risk, and frankly I think posts suggesting that novice drivers with an instructor will be fine putting their M3 out on the track without insurance are bad advice. I've seen too many incidents on a variety of tracks with a variety of clubs and a variety of run groups to suggest otherwise. The main things I can think possibly accounting for these differences are either "safer" tracks (more runoff, so you can go off and not hit anything), better weather, or maybe the SoCal people just get out to the track more, vs us upper midwest folks have the regular winter/early spring/late fall gaps of bad weather.

Yes, shit does happen, and yes, many of them probably were preventable, but they still happenened. At my most recent BMWCCA event this spring, someone put their pretty new 335i into the armco, probably 5-10k in damages. I already mentioned the 2010 ofest experience. I recall maybe 5 years ago an instructor flipping or almost flipping his students Z06 at RA, probably totalling it. I wasn't at the event, but maybe 5 or so years ago someone flipped and totalled their Mini at either Gingerman or Grattan after a bad brake failure. Probably 4 years ago, a student in my run group put his Corvette into the wall after a brake failure. A recent instructor I had mentioned spinning in the rain at Grattan and hitting the wall pretty good. So yes, I've seen or heard about plenty of incidents, enough to realize that while it's quite safe from a injury perspective, hitting walls has in my experience been a not uncommon occurence.
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