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I often wonder how people would act and what would say if they were not influenced by a disingenuous sock puppets in the media and related sources.

First, the media needs to make money. What better way that to stir the pot and get you all pissed off. They say 'Let's make it sensational!"

Second, you are selling their product by carrying on the message and both citing and supporting them, thus keeping them fed, whilst discrediting any dissenting opinions because it is hard to see both sides in a gang war.

Third, the information is not 100% accurate and was most definitely twisted for selfish reasons.

Fourth, what the hell... are we not all in this together? The past 12 years people seem to be making more enemies than friends over politics. Since when is the average person a politician?

Unless you are watching C-Span or in the board rooms of companies (as in viewing information as it comes directly from the source) it's hard to understand what is really taking place.

I'm with ScotchandCigars... he is right in that what is wrong with this country is the divisveness of society due to everyone thinking they know what is going on. It is a lack of pure exposure, education, and intent to correct the problem. It's easy to root for the team, but try playing the game...

The core problem is the message and who is passing it along. Information is being miscontrude and widely misrepresented for selfish reasons. The stories are written to mostly pursuade, not educate. Opinion and commentary is great, but it can be very damaging in the realm of governemnt.

If the information is being compromised by your source, and intentially so due to predetermine narratives to support their selfish agendas, why listen any further?

In the end, we all want the same things. People are now becoming the problem through hatred and confusion, and that takes the focus off the real problems.