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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
The liberals will defend their savior to the grave regardless of consequence -- as evidenced here. You call me a bigot because I don't agree with you and your leftist buddies? That is such a liberal thing to do. If it’s not the liberal way you are branded a racist, a bigot, elitist and the list goes on….

You and the rest of the mindless lemmings on the left are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. You come out of the woodwork to attack anyone that does not share your views of how you “think” things should be. Like Obama and a few others on here, you continue to draw attention away from the current administrations failures and the disaster that is our economy. It is you that needs to open up a book or two or take a few history lessons.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what I post or think or what you think or what names you choose to call me or anyone else that does not agree with you. And you can interprut what our socialist leaning President says and defend him until you're red in the face, but none of it will change the outcome of the election in November. Good luck to you!
It's interesting that you automatically categorize me as a hypocrite leftist without knowing a single thing about my political views. You have no idea how I think "things should be" yet are quick to assume it is polar opposite to how you feel. Like so many in this country, you're adding to the ostracism which makes honest political debate impossible.

You have no idea how I feel about Obama's policies yet assume I'm ready to defend him until I'm red in the face? Get real. I have plenty of issues with how he's handled the presidency thus far.

It's not possible to have a conversation with someone who's views cloud their ability to listen and formulate an educated response.

The posts I've seen from you focus on childish crap, much like the campaign ads both parties are running right now. The center of Romney's campaign right now is the out-of-context misquote of Obama's speech. He's got t-shirts made with the bullshit on them. Personally I find it alarming that our nation's political discussion is getting more juvenile with each subsequent election. No one is interested in learning and making an educated decision but rather criticizing as much as possible. People like you who are willing to shout misquotes and pretend to have a basis for political argument (when in reality all that's present is a flawed understanding of history, economics, and an inability not to let emotion cloud judgement) are the root of the problem.

It's evident in the toxic discussion here and frankly not worth my time.