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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
that's how the D3 feels. or felt.
the pro bodies feel so good. like running a soiled diaper down the hood of a ferrari.
Did your mini-me make a mess at a recent photo shoot?

Originally Posted by kamek View Post
I held it at B&H a few days ago. It's nice.
That's cool. Did they have a display of the full-magnesium shell inside? At the last photokina, customer were interested in just buying that magnesium shell, since it looked like a work of art.

Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
so you bought that one too chewy? ot just for review purposes?
Yes I bought it. The 5D3 went back because I had a rare short in my EVF, related to the metering. Canon was nice enough to give me a full credit (even though I paid less).

Over the past few months I have been strongly considering switching from photography to be just a hobby, to becoming a freelancer. I figured this camera couldn't hurt my case, especially since I would love to get into action photography (sports, etc).

I'll definitely be reviewing it, but I'll also definitely be keeping this one.

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