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Hey peoples...whagwon?!

So I am driving in this morning in the X5M...and I got behind a silver E92 M3 on 50 East...I gave him (Asian cat) "Deuces" to be like, "Whaddup?!"

He must have thought I was keeping up with foreign relations (you know, giving him the "bird") so he gave me a nice big middle finger.

Just wanted to let ol' dude know...I was giving a morning salutation to a fellow "M" driver and not trying to offend/piss off.

...and you know I have to play a bit, but yo $hit is slow, son! HA HA j/k

(yeah, he tried to pull away and got embarrassed as I blew by) I said...I wasn't attempting to be a pr1ck. Just say "Good Morning".

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