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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
Personally I feel BBC has a bit better pre-race coverage (live) in terms of personal touch.
Also post-race forum I think its much better than Sky. Gary Anderson has very good insight of technology and simplifies without really dumbing down like SPEED.

Sky pre-race coverage is very technical and glamorous. But I think where Sky shines was where Martin Brundle grid walk, commentating, and some special features (like ECU module made by McLaren Elecronics last weekend). Also Ted Kravis did a decent job on the pitlane.

However, guests like Damon Hill and the host Simon was a bit weak.

Also interestingly, I felt like BBC has better connection with the teams, and officials.
For example in Monaco, BBC got into Red Bull Energy station, where as Sky people were blocked outside the fence.
Because DC is (still I think) an advisor for Red Bull...