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Yeah, all over the world..........besides U.S.

Seems to me like every country gets "their" M3s now to make the first test drives...So far we've seen cars for BMW Italy, BMW Netherlands, BMW Denmark(or was it Norway?)...

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this was a two days event, as a presentation to the Italian journalists. The car will be again in the Italian BMW garages from tonight, untill the official debut on 08 September. I confirm that the pics are not always the best system to choose a colour. I sew them by person and they look totally different.. better,much better. In another forum these same pics disappointed a lot, many bloggers. I understand them. But by person this car looks much better. I confirm also (and probably this means soimething) that almost all the cars that will be presented in Italy ( and normally we have a good taste here) will be in this combination : silverstone and red interior. Personally I would prefer the JB, but if they will launch in this colour the car, probably it means that she is not so bad:-)