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Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
I am surprised there is not more noise about the PORKY weight of the M3. After all the early discussion we had about it weighing in at less than 3500 (we were led to believe this by the BMW press info) it is appalling they let it tilt the scales at 3650 lbs (according to this C & D article)!!

I thought they may have gone all-out for weight savings, but I think instead they used weight reduction as more of a marketing tool than a performance enhancer (viagra??). I am surprised the CF roof only saves 11 pounds - but it is good for marketing! They did not bother with aluminum doors or lighter weight glass. Actually, they did very little about reducing the weight, and then they made a huge deal about the engine weighing less than an IRON block inline six. This is nice and all, but it is only because it is an aluminum block vs. an iron block.
Have a look at my post here and the link in the post as well. I think what they did on weight was impressive. With the weight added to go from 335i->M3 without a real effort on weight we could have easily been at 3800+.

Also it does have an Al hood, plastic fenders, lots of hollow components and like mkoesel said there was an effort to reduce the intertia as well as weight.

With regards to the Cayman S (current model) the M3 is going to smoke this thing in almost every speed contest and track around. As fun to drive, maybe not, but checkered flag - for sure.