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Originally Posted by BBBluey View Post
^ the Cobra was built to beat out Ferrari in the LeMans concourse but it couldn't achieve enough top end because it doesn't have a top...which gave birth to the Daytona GT40.
While Henry Ford II and Enzos troubles are legendary and certainly came into effect later on when Henry wanted to embarass Ferrari, Fords first motivation was producing and financing a car which could take buyers away from Corvette. Corvette was taking off as Americs Sports Car and Ford wanted to be in the action as the Thunderbird wasnt cutting it. Shelbys Cobra was a good shot at 'the title'. First paragraph in History and Development.

Im a long time Corvette owner(and Mustang) here who loved the Chevy/Ford battles back in the 60's. Corvette/Cobra, Mustang/Camaro Trans Am series.

For the record, you're confusing two cars. The Daytona was a Cobra will a top attached and more advanced aero to to give it more top end. The GT40 was an entirely different platform, the car Ford wanted to whoop Ferrari with and did.

RIP Mr. Shelby

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