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Nice thread. I need some money management tips myself. I don't think I've spent excessively at all but I feel like I'm still in a crunch. I'm 3 years out of residency and I only have $60000 saved up in my 401k, $13000 saved in cash and about $5000 for the kids' education. I always feel like I have to pick up extra shifts to get ahead. It doesn't help that the Democrat tax plan got approved so there goes the Bush tax cuts for me. I'm not sure how much it will cost me, but nevertheless, it'll cost me something.

401k doesn't count for shit anymore. I'm down 1.65% for the year. I can't even count on that to grow and keep me going when I retire.

Seriously thinking of giving up the 3200 sq foot home, fancy car and live BELOW my means. But then life wouldn't be fun, would it???? Choices... choices... choices....
Probably depends how old you and your kids are...

Nothing like a fancy car and home with limited savings - seems like the American 'norm' any more. I think a lot of folks think their entitled to a fancy car or home - hence perhaps the not thinking that your spending excessively (just a thought). If I had kids and no savings, I'd likely sell my car soon after for a change of priorities. I certainly don't need a Z4M

Speaking of cars: I enjoy some people that look at my Z4M and go on about the expense/cost of my car (because of how it looks)... but then go out and spend more by buying (aka taking out a loan) on a loaded Ford SUV for $40k + .
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