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Just wondering if you ever used this shop. I took my car in for service after 1200mi and when I washed my car I found a bit of road rash on the passenger front tire. I called my service dept and took the car back in to show them. Of course they assured me there was NO way this happened at the dealer. I call shenanigans but I don't have a heck of a lot of recourse. I did the walk around before and they confirmed no damage prior. I left the dealer that day (my service guy was busy and I needed to leave for an appt) without inspecting in detail - looked fine on walk around.

I only actually found the damage while washing the wheels. I'd have never noticed it if not for putting my hands on the wheel. I did tell them it's not my daily driver, I haven't parallel parked it yet nor parked it next to a curb but of course they said it wasn't them so had to be me.

Anyway...original question, have you used this shop or found another that can powder coat wheels?