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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
nice work klammer you hung with him because of better lines as said above. the gt3rs is a beast.
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nice driving

Thanks guys, just such a great time, love it!
for the 4.0RS..not so much.
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That was fun to watch! What was the "woo-hoo" for at 3:04?

That's a great camera mounting spot--you get a clear view of the track and a view of your steering inputs. Red interior looks sharp. Nice smooth driving--your hands seem nicely relaxed. Are you using a CGLock? I still feel like I'm holding on/bracing a bit with the steering wheel.

Are those accessory gauges in your ashtray location? If so, what ones are they? Easily installed?

Based on the screeching, it sounds like you're running street tires--AD08s? Are you running in MDM or with DSC fully off?

Lastly, I love the holler and fist-pump at the very end. It's the sound of pure joy!
Appreciate the kind words. Just use the regular belt and yes my hands are always very relaxed as I try to barely hold the wheel, feel like I get a lot of communication that way from the car and can really sense what's going on. I come from a martial arts background and really preach the benefits of relaxation and love the meditative process the track offers. Am sure you recognize the sounds of the AD08's screaming.I'm running MDM on as this is still the wifes DD and I'm just having fun out there as you heard at the end
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