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Anyone had bad throttle actuator wiring?

To make a long story short, my just out of warranty M3 was going into limp mode several times a week about a month ago. It was throwing codes for the throttle actuator on bank 2. Took it to the dealer where they agreed to goodwill 50% of the repair. The repair was made 2 weeks ago and I've been driving the car trouble free ever since.

However, I went to flash a tune from ESS on this past weekend and pulled the following codes before the flash.
// 1) CDC0 Throttle valve actuator CAN message bank 2
// 2) 2B57 Motor emergency programm activated
// 3) CD93 Bus off throttle valve CAN
// 4) 2AF9 Coolant temperature sensor

#1 and #3 are the exact same codes the car was throwing before the repair. #2 and #4 are new ones. The car hasn't gone into limp mode or given me any warnings since I picked it back up from the dealer. So I cleared these codes, flashed with my tune and went for a short test drive. Came back, read the codes and I bring up all 4 of them again.

We have a great indy shop here (not going back to the dealer, I think they're incompetent at this point) and after speaking with them on the phone they think it's bad wiring/connection for the throttle actuator since we're dealing with CAN/bus errors and a bad coolant temp sensor, which is a cheap fix. I've seen many threads where the throttle actuators have been replaced, but has anybody simply had bad wiring? Also, if anyone could shed some light on code #2, i'm interested to know what that means. The car hasn't gone into limp mode, so it's not that.

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