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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
I agree that the new Jeep SRT8 looks much less butch and aggressive than the prior model--the new one almost looks feminine.

I think the problem is the new roundedness of the overall shape and the design of the new wheels. Maybe it will look better with the right aftermarket wheels?
The MY13 build will have different rims. Styling tweaks will come with MY14 (starting January 2013).

The prior model did look more aggressive but Chryco made the current version more practical as a tow vehicle and snow/ice driving.

I considered the SRT8 but have still have an issue with paying $63k (or so) on a Jeep. Search the web, there are a lot of MY12's on dealer lots. After the first wave of emotional "must have" buyers, I suspect the interest level has leveled off. For the price, an argument can be made for a CPO X5M.