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Originally Posted by bga23 View Post
So what would you suggest in lieu of investing through a 401K? And just b/c one invests thru a 401K that doesn't preclude them also making other investments.

This is completely dependent on your priorities and what you are saving for. Some people save to have emergency funds, others to have freedom, yet others to invest in more near term ideas. I am saving in order to invest into a business idea that I have in the back of my head. To me, the goal of financial freedom is to be wealthy at the age of 40. After that, I could care less...

And isn't the whole point of investing/saving so one has money for retirement?
See above... If you think you need $1 million or more to retire like most institutions would have you believe... then you are a sucker. If you believe that you will be happy with that money at that age, then you are an even bigger sucker.
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