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I've updated Page 1 regarding the hotels. Please let me know ASAP which place you would like to stay at so I can get them booked at the lower rate!!!


Jimmy has hooked us up with a group rate for a couple of their hotels. Both are really nice! Please PM if you would like to book a room at either hotel (Option 1 or 2 below) for 1 night on Sat. Sept 29th. I need 8 occupants in each hotel and need to know ASAP so we get the better rate:

Option 1 - Hotel Corque - $250/night. This hotel is the closest one to downtown. We need to book 8 people for this one fast because it sells out! It may seem like a lot however these are not Holiday Inns, these are prime hotels with brand new upgrades and awesome amenities!

Option 2 - Hadsten House - $229/night. This hotel has similar amenities to Option 1 however it is a little further outside of downtown; a few minutes walk.

Option 3 - Other Local Hotels - if you would rather stay at the Holiday Inn or other hotels in the area this is on your own. We only got group rates for the high end ones. It would be a good idea to book soon as Solvang is a popular place!