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Originally Posted by JAdamz View Post
Have you had a bad experience at Rallye? I went to Rallye to purchase my car (even though there's 3 dealers more local to me) and the experience was excellent, however I took the car there for my 1200 mile service and they did not refill the engine oil to the correct level (I had to add a whole quart). I'm about to be due for another oil change and I have several cosmetic things I need fixed on the car, but hesitant to bring it to them if they're not going to do it right the first time.
On my last trip to Rallye for an oil change I had to buy an extra quart from them 2 days later for $20+ because their service department was already closed. Another time with a previous m3 they performed a software recall and triggered another issue which they claimed was unrelated of course - just happened to surface on my way home from the dealership... And just a friendly advice: stay away from Matt Carlson at any cost, deal with anyone but him if you still wanna go to Rallye BMW. Good luck everyone!