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Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post
I created a account until I saw what it involves and realized how idiotic it would be to input all my critical information into a singular location.

I have my own spreadsheet in excel. My banks and other accounts (credit cards, etc) have options to output csv or excel files which I automatically add into my excel sheet on a monthly basis.

In my sheet I calculate my equity to debt ratio as well.. which is dominated pretty much by my mortgage (I'm 26). Luckily I have no credit card debt, no student loans, and my car is 4-5k from being paid off (mainly keeping it around since it's a good interest rate and keeps a line of credit open). But the equity/debt ratio is interesting to me personally from a "how much money do I really have" perspective.

Excel is easy to use I recommend that without a doubt for tracking.

I saw one guys expenses didn't include housing... assuming you live with your parents. If that's the case I'd be banking my paychecks big time and saving like a beast rather than just spending freely...

to the OP: Perhaps your profile on this website is indicative of your problem (just guessing). You drive a brand new 3 series... yet can't save money? Why buy a F30 then? Buy a lightly used older BMW 3 series and learn to DIY

Good luck
A mortgage isn't something that I would consider debt... this is especially true if you are paying for a house you can truly afford. A house is an asset not a liability... it can make you money if you play your cards right (rent a room or buy at the right time). Student debt, credit card debt, medical bills and being upside down on dumb stuff like cars is what I would consider debt.
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