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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
Then bite the bullet and start a positive non-propaganda thread.
Don't hold your breath....

It is ironic that someone who so viscerally defends the failings of the current administration based on a foundation of half-truths and conjecture would stand on their soap box crying about propaganda. If information based in fact serves to influence a reader's opinion, mission accomplished.

What many liberals (to include the resident know-it-all) fail to grasp is, despite how much the facts outrage the left, most people (left, right, middle) are smart enough to make-up their own minds based on the information that is available. The really smart ones can sift through the piles of dog shit opinions and media biases to get to the meat of the matter. They do not need a self proclaimed intellect to interpret data points and or to re-write history and try to pawn it off as if it were fact.