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I am one that has had both, the M3 and the GTR. The GTR is practical when compared to the e92. The trunk is huge, I can fit a couple sets of golf clubs in there. The back seats stink in both cars so that is a wash. I can transport 4 track wheels and tires in the car, the same as I could do with the M3. Driving around town the M3 is much more well rounded. The GTR is bigger, has less visibilty, seats are not nearly as comfortable, and is much stiffer than the M3. But get the GTR on the track, look out, it is an absolute animal. If you already have a track car then stick with the M3. If you want a dual purpose car, then stick with M3. If you want to have an insane car around the track or a fun weekend car, then get the GTR. I realized I couldn't just have a GTR as a daily so I picked up a C63 as my daily. Now I have a crazy car and a fun car that has a crazy engine.