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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I disagree COMPLETELY. Canyon driving is full of unknowns (unsafe blind turns, junk on the road, 2 way traffic) and your focus is split between driving fast and hoping there's not a cop 100 yards down the road.

The track is design for going fast and there are flag stations at every corner so you have early warning to any upcoming road conditions that might arise. Not to mention you can drive the car much harder knowing you might run off into dirt/gravel (depending on the course) instead of through a guard rail. You can practice truly driving fast by learning to drive on the race line and hitting proper apexes. You can't hit any apex on a 2 way windy road without huge risk.

Driving in the canyons is nowhere near as satisfying nor as safe as driving at the track. It's just cheaper and you probably see some nice scenery. I also don't think it makes you much of a better driver like driving at the track does.

So yes if you want to really push your car and become a better driver, there's no better place than at the track. You just need to pick the right events with the right instruction.
This. At the track you drive on a closed course with an instructor. There are flag stations which means there are people watching both the drivers and the track conditions. They will warn you if there are unsafe conditions such as debris or oil. Unsafe drivers get pulled off. There is also generally no passing unless you are in a designated passing area and waive another driver through. Driving at the track is much safer than driving on the street, no question. I am not going to preach about unsafe driving on the street, but there really is no comparison.
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