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I owned a 2006 for 3 years as my second car. My thoughts:
I got out of it because it felt like I was driving a fighter jet all the time. Thats great when you want to "dogfight", but the rest of the time it was too raw, and it just got tiring. At times I did love the rush of flooring it and taking it near redline for shifts. That is the closest I have been to a "race car feeling" in an automobile.
I thought I would be a convertable fan, but the actual # of days that it was not too cold or too blazin hot was small. Those few temperate days were magic though.
My geographic problem was that there were not enough fun twisty roads close to me, so I could not use the car properly. That, and having to rev the crap out of it to keep up with modern minivans from a stop light made me feel a little silly.

The shifter. Gods own hand must have been involved in the developement of this. It is just the right weight, precise and my definition of a perfect man machine interface. Really, I cant stress this enough. Really. REALLY. Hyperbole you say? Then you have not driven one.
Con's- Too raw for everyday driving. Not enough power to compete with modern day sports cars (or minivans!). Tight interior. Soft top mechanism WILL wear a hole in your top (check out the s2k forums). Convertable tonneau is 1 piece, cant be stored in vehicle, hard to put on correctly, and is a pointless piece of crap. Enthusiast crowd trends younger and "ricer" style is part of that. Trunk is small (duh.)
Pro's - Very raw, jet fighter drive, great for corner carving. Top down on great day can not be matched. Fun to redline and tear around a bit.

Sorry for the rambling, stream of consciousness thing going on.
wow, it's not dirty.