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Appreciate the insight gentlemen, first hand experience is exactly what I'm looking for vs bimmers. It would be an '07 with less than 70k miles on it, with a good price. I'm curious on how the price is lower than normal if there are some stories behind the car or simply just "priced to sell."

Verbatim, I totally get what you mean. As much as I love the 328 for what it is, it lacks the excitement that I am looking for, and maybe, just MAYBE that comfort is what ultimately will keep me with the bimmer. 328 is not like a 335 so I think with performance mods it wouldn't be ideal ...haha

Qball thanks for your practical input, including the slutty girl lol. Almost all good handling cars have a harsh ride, including the STi I had. The mustang was plush, but that thing couldn't turn for anything...but I guess it's that "slutty girl" that the bad in me is looking for however I'm sure compared to 328 the s2k will "feel" hve a twin turbo it's a different story!

c1d thanks for your input as well. Your experience confirms a lot of things I've read around the web...seats getting stolen and car becomes a target of kids etc...I'd like to believe my 'hood is alright, I live in gated apartment community with quite a few nice cars around here but then again, anything could happen to anyone.

If I do get it, I will keep it mostly stock. I commute about 50 mi a day so I'd spend quite a bit of time in it. Traffic isn't best but I think well within acceptable range (vs Shelby's 13mpg)

I am going to test drive it today... there's a good chance I might fall in love with it! However the comfort and luxury features in the bimmer (nothing replaces a bimmer's ride!) might make it somewhat of a tough choice/ indecisive. Feel free to chime in more...I know there are more folks here have ragged s2k's before!