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What do u want to know? First you have to chose AP1 or AP2. I picked AP2, 2006+ have most bugs worked out and all the "goodies". I haven't driven AP1 and many people prefer that car due to more raw feel and 9k rpm. For daily driving 2006+ is the ideal choice. S2000 rides better then my previous e92 with run flat tires. Traffic doesn't bother me and I don't really see much of it anyway.

Car is noisy and I love it, plenty of space for me.....I took it to 3-4 day ski trip with all gear, boots, skies, and food for 5 people and still had room in trunk (removing spare gives u that extra space u need sometimes)

Its also good in snow with winter tires. As far as acceleration.. ...with driver and no AC running its pretty fast, but turn AC on or add extra 200lbs to passenger seat and it becomes much slower....but I don't usually use AC and I never have passengers other then my skinny wife

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