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I don't know where to start as I've owned two different S2000s but once upon a time I was driving a beater regular cab pickup truck but I wanted something with a little more interior space. I was in the market for a Civic but just for fun I was going to test drive an S2000. I was never a convertible fan and before I got in I had assumed it was going to be too cramped, have too small of a trunk, ride too rough, be too noisy, and be too peaky. I'm about 5'7" and it was snug but it wasn't as tight as an older Miata or an Elise. I looked in the trunk and it was big enough for me, but carrying things like 27" CRT monitors and loads of laundry can be a challenge. I always kept the suspension stock and it rode better than an lowered Civic and it's so much fun to take turns without hitting the brakes. My car had the 2.2 so if I shifted before 4k it was not too noisy and revving between 4-6k produced plenty of cool sounds without entering VTEC which was faster than I would really want to travel most of the time. When I first had the car I would be in the slow lane and allow a gap to the car in front of me then I would rev my car to close the gap just for fun. Keep the revs down and it feels like a normal car, rev it harder and it'll keep up with most cars. With the soft top it's noisy so the stock radio can't keep up and you'll need a headset to hear your phone, or just don't use the phone while driving. I got the expensive hardtop which helped a little with the noise but long term both tops will rattle at the latches but some cheap tubing insulation should fix that. It's hard to see out the back with the softtop but the hardtop is a bit easier. A couple things that annoyed me is that the car is small enough that traffic light sensors don't always see you and with the top up the top of windshield frame is right in your sightline so sometimes you have to crouch down to see traffic lights. Depending on where you live you could lose stuff like antennas, center caps, side markers, exhaust tips. One possible problem is that someone could steal the seats which drop directly into any Civic. So if someone were to slash your top and steal your seats you insurance company might total your car cause the seats are so expensive, but then some people use the insurance proceeds to get cheaper aftermarket seats. Maintenance is obviously a lot cheaper than a BMW.