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I currently have an e92 lemans blue 328i with 6MT. I really like the car...comfortable, smooth and efficient. But previously I have owned a Subi STi and a Convertible Shelby GT500 (beast). While the 328i is great and is a good all-arounder, I really miss having the peppiness and "thrill" of purer performance cars.

Long story short, I've been looking at s2000's and just one popped up today with very decent pricing. I am just getting a sanity check here. I am single, am a road biker so I will probably need to get a bike rack since S2K is a 2 seater.

Does anyone here have experience with an S2K? Everywhere I have read ppl all rave about what a machine it is. I miss the thrill of the sti, the GT500 was plain way too much power for my own good (or anyone really)... but I enjoyed the convertible I think s2k fits the bill. Comments? I would love for positive and constructively negative comments. Thanks