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I will start out by stating that I had an IS F for almost 4 years and 50K miles with zero issues....and have owned 3 BMW's during the same time frame.

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While I like the Lexus brand, I think the IS-F's fit and finish is quite cheap
Just flat out wrong. Comparing the fit and finish of a BMW to the IS F and calling it cheap is laughable.

Fanboi fail.

and the transmission is not nearly as much fun as the DC-T. The engine is nice though....
I'd agree that the tranny isn't as good as the DCT. There are multiple things that the F does equally well or better....especially the latest model.

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You are right 'better' is completely up to the owner, as so many different wants/needs. None of these would be a 'bad' choice!


All great cars with no weak options.

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The IS-F is an excellent compromise between the M3 and C63 and will most likely prove quite a bit more reliable than those cars. Only major drawbacks that I see are the smallish interior (would be better without a sunroof) and the 8-speed tranny (one too many gears).
Agree with your post except for the 8 gears. You never see the 8th...or even 7th gear for that matter...if you're doing any kind of performance driving. It is invaluable when cruising and gets the IS F gas mileage that the C63 or M3 can only dream of.

I used to get a comfortable 26-28 mpg on the highway and 18-20 mpg in the city when not driving like a jackass.

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I went from ISF to 6sp e92 M3, and I never looked back. The only reason being I missed a manual car, otherwise I had 0 complaints about the ISF! Give it a shot, if you don't like it trade it in... resale is kick ass, good luck!

I made a good chunk of change back when I sold my IS F a couple months ago.