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“The GT86 was crowned winner of Top Gear Speed Week, ending up in first place among a eclectic range of 24 performance cars that included supercars, single-seat road racers, hot hatches, super saloons and even a three-wheeler. And a tuned-up Transit.”

Jeremy Clarkson comments on the Toyota GT86:

‘I’m sorry, Ford, Vauxhall and Suzuki, but the Toyota is just better at corners than all of you… It’s a real-world hero.’

‘…hand on heart, this was one of my favourite cars. It’s not slow – it really isn’t – it’s just that you have to work to get performance from it, but is that a problem? It sounds sweet, is smooth and has the best throttle response of anything here, 911 included.

‘This is hysterical. It’s so much more powerful than you’d think. At £25,000 it’s extremely good value for money.’

‘The Toyota is dainty and maximises the benefits of its layout and low centre of gravity. It’s a car that asks why you need to go round a corner at a zillion miles an hour. You don’t. Even pottering around, it’s different and interesting.

‘Acceleration is fun, but the noise is as important as the kick in the back, and I’d rather spend 30 seconds wringing the GT86 up to speed than three seconds being pummelled by the McLaren.

‘Our seven testers had the McLaren, 911 and Exige in a photo finish for second place, with the GT86 out in front. The Toyota isn’t big, it isn’t especially clever, but it’s fun.

‘The Toyota was the car everyone kept jumping into for “one last quick go”, and the one they got out of with the daftest smiles on their faces.’

Sorry mate... but the Toyobaru actually IS especially clever!