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Add me to the list of happy customers of Sergej @ *****************! Best prices by far, and quick turn around time.

Just a note to those of you thinking of purchasing multiple USB keys... It's not necessary. I had a 32GB stick, and I copied all 3 disk image files to the same stick in different directories labeled disk1, 2, and 3. I brought the files from disk 1 to the root directory and plugged it in. It recognized it no problems and started the process. When it asked for USB 2/3, I moved the files from root back to the disk1 subdirectory, and moved files from disk2 to the root and plugged it back in.

No problems. I thought it was taking too long initially and stopped the first copy at 29% (it stops at 35.x% when asks for USB 2) and ended up hiding all the disk* directories thinking the system was trying to copy all the data, but I don't think that was the case. I continued to move the data from hidden directory to root until the update was finished.

I even turned off the car to grab lunch and it requires putting the USB sticks back in 1 at a time (but quickly jumps to 35%, then 67%, etc) to pick back up where it left off.

Happy customer all around! 2012 Premium Map's updated!

Good luck all!