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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
That's not the point.

OP, himself, said:


And in spite of numerous people telling him the wheels are obviously crap and that no properly built wheel should do that, he goes on to say this:

And this:

Op needs to man up (or Evolve, so to speak ) and accept that he got sold defective/unfit wheels. He had the option of dealing with this when he bought the car, but he accepted the wheels as is. He knowingly took a risk by running them, even though he knew they weren't fit for the roads. Although he didn't know how much of a risk, since he never bothered to research that make & style of wheel. He should just be glad that no injury or further property damage occurred.

Instead, he keeps talking about trying to go after the county. Even though he and everyone else seems to agree that it was a bad wheel with inadequate sidewall. Then, he complains about unsympathetic comments, calling them unhelpful (they're not unhelpful: most/all are telling him what he needs to know - that the wheel is bad).

Finally, he still intends to sell them on to the next sucker. IMO, the only place he should sell them is to a scrap metal dealer, where he could get about $50 per wheel. That's what I'd do, anyhow. Not the main point of my reply.

If you want to side with OP, fine. I'm just saying people who go through life thinking that everything bad that happens to them is the fault of somebody else, and that someone should pay for their misfortune, get no sympathy from me and are going to get a wakeup call sooner or later.

Wow...going through all my posts to quote them...but in the end...still getting the point wrong.

You keep saying how i need to "man up" or do research on the company. You say i should have listened to people and known the wheels where crap...and even as far as "Finally, he still intends to sell them on to the next sucker". I didn't want to get into so much detail with you, but im going to have to since everything you said is one sided and makes no sense. So here we go:

If you read my posts in order, my first post which talks about the incident, was asking about what to do. This was to gain some information from people who might have had a similar issue and about the company. Since these wheels came with the car, i obviously did not purchase them myself so i did not do any research on them prior. I am not psychic so i do not know the wheels where crap. I also asked if anyone has any input on the company as i did not know much about them at the time.

Secondly, you talk about me selling the wheels to another buyer. Please go back again and read my FIRST post. It clearly stated that i wanted to sell them prior to them breaking...then i said how it was going to be hard to sell like this "broken". The point...i was planning on selling them before they broke. I had a black set of wheels on the car first, got 1 flat tire, i quickly swapped these on as i need my car to get around, less then a week later i hit this pot hole and break the rim. I was not planning on even putting them on. I can not predict when i will get flat. Luckily i had this set laying around. I was not planning to keep them.

Some people like you, can just brush off over a $1,000 loss and shrug it off. And i respect that (some people have the extra money to just not care). But the fact that you actually went as far to go through everyone one of my posts and quote them, just shows that your kinda stuck up. When people say Iconz is not good and there wheels are crap, or people who give input on the situation in general, that is useful information. When someone like yourself has the free time to do what you just did to bash on me about this, thats just a little childish. Again, its just my opinion. Some people work hard for there money and don't wanna dump $1000 down the drain. If you can, good for you. But don't brag about it and complain about other peoples situation.

Anyway, like i said. Your opinion is your opinion. Of course im grateful that no one was injured. Did you see me coming into this thread cursing up a storm or attacking the county or attacking Iconz?? Not at all...why? Because im not immature. I understand accidents happen, and i was just trying to see if i can minimize my loss from this accident. Im pretty sure most people (except for yourself i guess) would like to minimize a loss on any accident.