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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
All these Benvo reviews read a lot alike...
Not sure what you're suggesting here, but if it's that Mike may be creating shill accounts to promote himself, as someone who knows him personally I can confirm that Mike has lots of positive reviews from lots of people because he does consistently great work.

Originally Posted by PINHEAD View Post
you know there are websites and forums that teach you how to code these yourself for free..its not hard nor does it require equipment. They even supply the software necessary.
Coding is not the same as tuning.

Originally Posted by Zaw View Post
I remember Mike Benvo from several flame wars with other vendors on here. He seemed very knowledgeable. However, I've asked myself how is it really going to be like dealing with a vendor like that when I have problems and I have to call them.
I don't know the precise details of the ban. That said, even though I've seen Mike get into the occasional flame war (like the cost of the Nav DVD upgrade), those were rare and often edited later (by Mike) to tone it down. At other times the heated discussions were with other vendors because Mike was calling them out on BS. If you take a look at how he treats his customers (determined by reading his customer-facing posts as well as testimonials), I think you'll find that he delivers a consistently excellent experience for them.
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